The decline in home prices is over.  That's the theme of this article.  I think it's correct.  We're certainly not seeing price declines here in Parker, Colorado or the Denver Metro Area.  I'm sure our market is stronger than most markets across the nation.  We're in that period when prices tend to peak (March through June).  And, that's what we're seeing.  Homes that are priced correctly are going under contract in a few days, at asking or over asking.  From our perspective, we do not see any weakening on the horizon.  It's not a good idea to wait for lower prices or lower interest rates.  Stop the bleeding now.  Hopefully, interest rates will settle down in the near future and everyone can refinance to a lower rate.  If you would like to visit about the real estate market here in Colorado, give us a call.  Call me at 720.220.5058 or Cheryl at 303.981.7339,

The Worst Home Price Declines Are Behind Us [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights

  • While home prices vary by local area, they’ve already hit their low point nationally, and now they’re starting to rise again.
  • Last July, prices started to decline, but around February, they began climbing back up.
  • If you put your plans to move on hold waiting to see what would happen with home prices, let’s connect to discuss if now’s the right time to jump back in.