Introducing The Parker Colorado Neighborhood Video Series

Over time, we have videoed most of Parker's best neighborhoods.  And, we continue to do so. In these videos, we (Bob and Cheryl Bustin), simply drove our car (with a GoPro camera on the hood) through each community.  And, as we drove past homes, parks , schools, community centers, etc., we talked about and described what we were seeing.  They are not professional.  But, they are very effective.  They offer the best solution to seeing Parker neighborhoods (as if you were actually here) that you will find.

Here is one of our first ones of Bradbury Ranch on the west side of town.  Check it out.  We'll be adding the rest over the next several weeks.  We have 24, in all, and are adding on a regular basis.

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PLEASE NOTE: Over time prices have increased.  So, disregard our comments about prices.