Home Listing Program and Services

As your listing real estate company, we represent you. We will sell your home at the best price and with the least amount of stress. Our real estate experience and systems will make it happen. Backed by RE/MAX, the finest brand in real estate.

The Process of Listing Your Home

Price your home right.

We will do a comprehensive price valuation based on recent solds, under contracts and homes currently on the market.  We encourage you to go with us to preview current homes for sale that would be your competition. Your potential homebuyer will likely be viewing these homes and comparing them to yours in price, features and condition.

Research has shown that overpriced homes take longer to sell and ultimately sell for less. So, it is critical to price your home in line with the competition. Also, your home will be appraised by the buyer's lender. If it doesn't appraise, it will create problems with the buyer's loan. You could potentially lose your homebuyer and be forced to put your home back on the market. Never a good situation.

NOTE:  For a "down and dirty" instant valuation of your home, simply submit the Valuation request below.  But, remember, these are computer generated values and are only estimates. Having said that, we have found them to be an excellent starting point for getting an idea of your home's value.

The image of a real estate listing for sale is everything.

Almost all homebuyers will first see your home listing on the Internet. The photos they see will determine whether or not they want to see your home. By the way, their real estate agents are affected by those photos, also. We employ professional photographers to capture the very best aspects of your home. And, in the most flattering way possible, so that prospective homebuyers will see your home at its best.

We will include drone aerial photography at no extra cost. We have found this to be incredibly effective in highlighting the surroundings of the home and neighborhood.

We will use the professional photos to create high quality brochures and flyers on glossy cardstock.

Staging your home is very important. Cheryl's background in interior design allows us to give you great advice in making those important and sometimes subtle adjustments to make your home show at its best.  

Also, our years of real estate experience helps us anticipate what the buyer will want and ask for, regarding inspections. In fact, you may want to consider a pre-inspection to uncover any items that might be in need of repair.

Exposure to homebuyers and their real estate agents is critical.

We try to cover all the bases when it comes to making sure your home is noticed.

Open Houses are not for everyone. We do think it is a good idea to have sort of a "grand opening" at the very beginning of the listing. We recommend holding an Open House the first Saturday and/or Sunday after we list your home. In strong sellers' markets, it's not uncommon to get offers off the initial Open House.

Your home listing will be online on numerous real estate websites, so that prospective homebuyers can find you.  We we also create your home's own listing website, which allows potential homebuyers to communicate directly with us via email or text.

Networking with other real estate agents is very important and effective. Being in a major RE/MAX real estate office allows us to easily promote your home listing to our fellow agents. Also, having been in the real estate business many years, we have developed good relationships with many real estate agents in our area who we can network with.

Finally, your home listing will be prominently displayed on our personal real estate website. We market heavily to out of state homebuyers and are always working with buyers moving to our area. Our Parker Colorado Home Center website (http://www.parkercoloradohomecenter.com) is visited about 50 times per day. That is around 1500 visits per month.

Real estate experience and commitment matter.

You can count on us to utilize our many, many years of real estate experience (interior design, mortgage lending and real estate) and our "old fashioned" work ethic.

We are communicative and accessible to you, to other agents and to buyers.  If we miss your call, we will call you back very quickly.  Real estate can be very time sensitive. We are available 24/7, as long as we are awake!  If we need to present an offer at midnight, we will get it done.  That's what it takes to make sure real estate transactions are successful.

Our backgrounds and experience are key to our ability to deliver the service and advice that you deserve.  As I tell everyone, it seems that most real estate agents had a prior career. We're no different. But, I will say that our careers were perfect for preparing for real estate. Bob was a mortgage banker straight out of college until we started our real estate business in 2004. I graduated with an interior design degree and had my own design firm for many years, prior to starting our business. These two careers, combined with 14 years in the real estate business, has helped us immensely in serving our clients.

What To Expect When Selling Your Home


All showings are set up through Centralized Showings, the largest professional showing service. They are open from 8:00AM to 9:00PM, which is 4 hours longer than most individual agencies. They verify that only licensed real estate agents will get the lock box code. They will give all showing instructions to the agent and also confirm the showings with you.

It's important to make sure your brochure box is always full. Also, you want to place the brochures in a place inside the home that agents and buyers will be sure to see.

All showings will be accompanied by a licensed real estate agent. But, you still need to take precautions. Please remove all valuables and weapons. Lock up all of your medications. Put away any valuable breakables.

While your home is on the market, it is best to always have it in showing condition. There may be times when someone drives by your home and wants to see it immediately. Not being ready to show at "a moment's notice" risks losing a good buyer that may not return later. Be as flexible as you can.

All offers will be presented to you the same day as they are received, up until 10:00PM. Offers received after 10:00PM will be presented the next morning. I will review the offer with you and help you with negotiating any terms. Then, I will prepare our acceptance of the offer or prepare a counter proposal. I will carefully monitor all deadlines on the contract.

Under Contract

Once an offer has been accepted by both parties (buyer and seller), your property will be listed as "Under Contract" in the MLS. You may specify that you will accept showings for "back up" contracts, but it is unlikely that you will get any more showings.

Inspection items will be negotiated between me and the buyer's agent on your behalf and the buyer's behalf.  Of course, it will be per your instructions.

Typically, the seller pays the agent commissions, the title policy, HOA documents, transfer fees and a few other fees. 


I will review all closing documents with you prior to closing. And, I will be with you at closing. The closing usually last an hour to an hour and a half. And, in most cases, the buyers and sellers attend the closing together, although it is not required.

Due to some recent criminal issues with wiring of funds, do not wire funds to anyone without wiring instruction directly from the title company. The title companies no longer email these instructions. You will need to go to the title company.

Finally....an FYI

Never, ever hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns. We are working for YOU and want you to feel totally informed throughout the process of selling your home.