Question.  Are you moving to the Denver Metro Area?  Do you want a new home?  Have you been searching through all of the builder's websites? 

Are you overwhelmed and confused? 

If This You....We Can Help!

We know just about everything possible about all of the new home developments in Parker, Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Centennial and Aurora.  Over the past 14 years we have worked with most of the home builders in the Denver Metro area.  We know the good ones.  And, we not know the not so good ones. We are among the few agents with the knowledge and experience to navigate you through the process of finding the right builder, in the right neighborhood, and at the best terms.  

Here's what you can expect from us as your New Home Buyer's agents.  


  • We will guide you to and through all of the new home developments that meet your specific criteria. You're on a very tight time schedule.  You've got a few days to "take care of business".  You can't waste your time going to communities that do not fit your "wants and needs". We will make sure you see only those new home communities and builders that have what you're looking for.


  • We will represent you as a Buyer's Agent.  This is very important. Guess who the new homes sales person works for?  It's not you.  It's the builder.  Their mandate is to sell as many homes as possible and at the highest profit for the builder.  That's as it should be.  But, that's not our job.  You hired us to find you the best home, in the best neighborhood and at the best terms. And, that's what we will do.


  • We've been around quite a while.  We've sold a lot of homes.  There aren't many builders that we haven't dealt with.  You can rest easy that we'll introduce you to the good ones.


  • Often times, buyers assume that the best way to negotiate with a builder is with price.  Not true.  The best way is through upgrades.  Builders do not want to lower their prices. It's deadly to them when negotiating with fure buyers.  And, it hurts the current homeowners who just moved into there new home.  So, they tend to negotiate with upgrades and financing incentives.  Cheryl's background in interior design has enabled her to help all of our past clients in the design centers.  She knows what to pick and what not to pick for maximum value and future resale value.


  • If we're in the "to be built" stage, we will help you pick the best lot within the development. We are aware of any future development that might affect perimeter lots.  Knowing what's planned for the future is critical in insuring that you don't have problems selling you home in the future.


  • Most of our out of state clients come in to town, do their shopping, contract a home and then return to where they currently live.  When you're having a home built it's kind of nice to be in the area.  So that you can drop by from time to time to observe how things are going.  Out of state home buyers can't do that.  They're pretty much dependent on the skill and integrity of the builder and its sub contractors.  You need some one here, on the ground, to routinely visit the building site and report back to you.  As your buyer's agent, we will do that for you.  We're not professional inspectors, but at least you have some one watching out for you.


  • There are two "walk throughs" toward the end of construction.  The first one is usually a couple of weeks before closing.  The builder's representative takes us through the home, pointing out all the features and things to be done.  It's our opportunity to identify issues that we want handled.  Things like the wrong fixtures, wrong paint color, spots in the carpet, etc..  You're probably not going to be here for that.  We will represent you.  The final walk through is one or two days prior to closing.  It's to make sure all those issues got handled.


Finally, it's closing time.  We'll be there to make sure there are no "hiccups".  Closing are usually pretty smooth.  Usually fun.  Then it's "high five" time and a hug.  Done deal!