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My husband and I were introduced to Bob and Cheryl Bustin through our daughter. Cheryl and Bob helped my daughter and her family select a beautiful home in Castle Rock, CO. We were from out of state, and knew very little about the housing market in Colorado or where to find a home that would meet our needs. Cheryl and Bob introduced themselves through email at first. They took the time to ask us what we wanted in a home, what our budget was, and what things were most important to us. Then they sent us links to possible homes on the market. All of this was very important to us since we were hoping that this would be our retirement dream home. Once we were ready to fly out to Colorado and start looking, Cheryl and Bob devoted three entire days to us to drive us around. They really listened to us and adjusted their daily schedule to look at exactly what we wanted to see. They did extensive research each evening, looked at many homes first to narrow them down, and even talked to new builders. I didn't even know that a real estate agent could work with new builders too and save us money. Cheryl and Bob prepared a notebook with colored photos of homes that we would be seeing each day. I really don't know of many real estate agents who would take the time to offer such personalized service! They were patient and kind and did not put any pressure on us at all. In the end, Cheryl and Bob helped us to find an amazing builder who would build the home of our dreams within our budget. Cheryl and Bob stayed with us, going to all the necessary planning meetings and walk throughs. This week they will also be there at the closing. They definitely know the questions to ask to help us make the right decisions. Also, on top of all of this, Cheryl has a background in interior design, so she came along to help us choose just the right interior accents for our new home. I can honestly say that Cheryl and Bob are excellent agents who go above and beyond what other agents do. I would highly recommend them to others who are looking for the perfect house or wanting to sell their existing home.....  C. Miller


We initially thought we would be relocating to the Parker Area and discovered the Bustins' Parker Home Center Guide (full of great tips). The Bustins did a great job at investigating possibilities in the Parker and Highlands Ranch areas. When we llater accepted a position in Colorado Springs, the Bustins seemlessly switched gears to assist. We appreciated Bob and Cheryl's professionalism and competence during our hunt, but the "sweetener" on the experience was how much we enjoyed the time that we spent with Bob and Cheryl. We felt we were with long time friends we had known for years. When one has that feeling during the stress of relocation and major real estate purchases, then this is saying something special! Thanks Bob and Cheryl! ..Melanie Castle
Bob and Cheryl worked tirelessly to both sell our old house and find us a new one, which we absolutely love. We highly recommend Bob and Cheryl to any one interested in buying or selling a home n the Parker area....Tom and Marty Wiesner
We live in Maryland and were relocating to Colorado. We met the Bustin's through the internet while searching homes in the Parker area. We gave them our criteria and they got to work looking for homes that would meet our needs. On our first visit, the Bustin's showed us a home that wasn't officially on the market yet. It met every one of our criteria and then some. Being skeptical and not knowing the area at all, we felt like we needed to see more options. We flew out to Parker several times over the next nine months and the Bustin's showed us many more homes that were comparable to the first one. The Bustin's were always patient and never pressured us to make a decision. They were professional and previewed every home prior to our visits to make sure they were as advertised. They always made us feel welcome and comfortable. They spent many days driving us around and familiarized us with the area in addition to showing us potential homes. We finally realized that the first house they showed us was "the one." The Bustin's negotiated a great deal and handled all the details necessary to finalize the transaction. We were so confident in the Bustin's ability, we completed the closing from Maryland via Federal Express. We highly recommend this outstanding team. They were a joy to work with.   Gerry and Petey Hartung
It's not hard at all to recommend someone with the vast array of experiences and credentials that Bob and Cheryl Bustin have. Their approach to working with clients has placed them in the top of their field and earned them the respect and admiration of their peers. Bob was a mortgage professional in the past which gives them a unique perspective and understanding of financing that helps us work together to the benefit of our mutual clients. As a Mortgage Lender with 33 years of experience, I am honored to be associated with Bob and Cheryl and I highly recommend them....Deb Seeber, Universal Lending
My husband and I are currently working with Bob and Cheryl to purchase our very first home. One of the many things I value the most is the knowledge that they both are passing along to us. I feel like they care as much as we do that not only are we getting a home that we love but a solid investment. Bob and Cheryl are wonderful people and I would recommend them to everyone. I wouln't change a thing about the process and who we have guiding us....Casey Thorton
I moved to Colorado from illinois several years ago and used Bob and Cheryl to buy a home in Colorado Springs. They were attentive to my requests for a home and spent several days making sure to find just the right fit. Beyond the professional relationship, Bob and Cheryl really made me feel like I had a friend in a new area and made me feel like I was already at home. I intend to return to them when I sell my home and look for a new place.....Erica Carlson
When we were planning our move to Colorado, we couldn't have been in friendlier or more knowledgeable hands than Bob and Cheryl’s. When we flew into the area for a weekend of house hunting, Bob and Cheryl took us on an excellent tour of several towns and communities. We not only saw many beautiful homes, we learned much about each area. Bob and Cheryl made it a priority to understand our wants and needs and it showed. On what we thought would be the first of many weekend visits to Colorado, Bob and Cheryl showed us our dream home. They made the whole experience relaxing and fun!...Gary Ellis
Went to Bob and Cheryl on a recommendation from a co-worker and was very glad I did. Friendly, knowledgable, thorough, and responsive to your needs and wants. I highly recommend them for any real estate needs in the Denver/Parker area.....Wes Bartley
Bob and Cheryl Bustin are the best reatlors that I have had the pleasure of doing business with. They pay attention to details of what it is I am looking for in a home and consider all the varibles that will get me to move in the door. They have patient personalities and both have a sense of humer to help ease the process. I would reccomend them to family and friends looking to find the perfect home....Barbara and John Sawyer
Working with Bob and Cheryl to sell our home was such a pleasure. In a down market, competition can be tough but they helped us to set the right price and get it sold in a very reasonable amount of time. I would definitely recommend this team to friends because they are both knowledgeable and professional - good people.
Cheryl & Bob are the best Real Estate agents we have ever met. Having bought 5 homes in 3 states using realtors before - Cheryl & Bob did the best job helping us to find our beautiful home. They listened carefully to our requirements and found us exactly what we were looking for. They are very professional, pleasant & friendly. Also very knowledgable about builders, services, area amenities and go above & beyond to help newcomers "settle in". Thanks Cheryl & Bob for making our move to Parker a great experience! We couldn't have done it without you! Deborah & Charlie Castelli
Cheryl Bustin was the 4th Realtor in my lifetime to buy or sell a home for me. She's the 1st of her kind! She committed to me to listen to what I wanted, evaluate the market to get my best selling price, advertise my home in print and on the Web--including a cutting-edge panoramic tour available 24/7--and negotiate a contract and sale.  She did!....Then I asked Cheryl to find a home for me.  Deja vu. Cheryl committed to maximize my time and effort--to preview homes first and then show me only the cream of the crop and best deals; provide comps so I could wisely make an offer, scrutinize the seller's contract; and protect me--negotiate the deal, get an inspection, resolve issues, meet deadlines, and go to closing. What more can I say?!....B.K. Summers
I would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to Cheryl Bustin for helping us find our new home in Colorado.  We were transferred here from California and were looking for just the right house. We have 4 children and a cat and wanted a yard big enough for a dog.  Our requirements for our new home were not easily found within the price range we needed to be in.  During a visit to Colorado, we visited the town of Parker.  Cheryl showed us around Parker and told us all that it had to offer.  We decided that Parker was the town for us, if we could find a home that met our needs.  After visiting a few homes, Cheryl was able to determine what our likes and dislikes were.As I had not yet made the move to Colorado, my husband who was already working here, was able to view some homes with Cheryl.  We did find one that we thought we would like and put in an offer, but it was not accepted.  Which turned out to be o.k. because, just as Cheryl had said,  a better one would come along.We decided to take a last minute trip to Colorado and on the way here, Cheryl called us and asked us if it would be possible to meet her in Parker to look at a home.  We decided to drive straight to the house.  Just as she had said, we loved the house and it had everything we were looking for.Our offer was accepted and we moved in July 1, 2008.It was a pleasure working with Cheryl.  I never felt that I was bothering her and she always seemed to have the time for us, and all our thousands of questions and requests.  Even after we moved in.So, thank you Cheryl, we love our new home!....Steve and Heidi Bernier
Thank you so much for helping me find my new home on Parker.  Because of my unexpected personal circumstances in Montana, it was imperative for me to find a home, close on it and move in as quickly as possible.  And you made it happen.  I received excellent service-you were always very easy to talk to and comfortable to be around, yet obviously very professional and knowledgeable.I love my new home, thoroughly enjoyed working with you and feel as though I also have a new friend.  I would highly recommend you to anyone with real estate needs.....Karen Collins
My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Bob and Cheryl Bustin during our move from England to the Denver area.  Without their help, this would have been a daunting task for us!  Bob phoned us in England and told us all about the Parker area.  As a resident of Parker for over 20 years, Bob was a vast resource of information – commute times, school districts, shopping, etc.   He set us up so we could view MLS online and sent us daily updates on new and changing listings within our search criteria.  We felt connected and informed. We were able to come to Denver for a short week of house-hunting.  Knowing that we had to get a home purchased in the first few days, we didn’t have any time to waste.  We were detailed about the things we wanted and didn’t want in a home so they could get a good idea of what we were looking for.  Cheryl Bustin spent several weeks previewing homes on the market that met our criteria to weed out houses that she didn’t think we would like.  This saved us valuable time once we got here! The Bustins took very good care of us – we literally hit the ground from DIA running!  They showed us around the area and gave us a good feeling about living here.  We found a home in just a few days and were able to negotiate successfully the purchase of the house. Bob and Cheryl even went the extra mile after the house was closed and picked us up from the airport to take us to our new home.  We would definitely recommend Bob and Cheryl Bustin for your Real Estate needs.  They are friendly, thorough, competent, had good communication, and know and love the area.....Randall & Kim Hudspeth 
Did you ever try to buy a house two thousand miles away without actually seeing it?  Our son was training at the Olympic Training Center and needed a place to live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Cheryl and Bob Bustin reached out to our Internet inquiries and offered to help us and Kirk find just the right place. Investing time and almost adopting our son and his lady, Cheryl and Bob helped us think through what we needed and found the perfect house in the right location. Thanks for your advice, help and friendship.....Doug and Carol Hoffman
While looking for a great Realtor in the Denver/Colorado Springs area, my wife and I happened upon the Parker Home Center and their concierge service.  I contacted the concierge and received a call back in a matter of minutes; it was Cheryl Bustin.  She immediately made us feel that we had found the right Realtor for us.  She was very knowledgeable about the various areas in which we had interest.  Cheryl wanted us to visit so that she could spend time with us in order to understand our needs and desires, and to show us what was available for these needs.  We agreed, and upon arriving, we were met by Cheryl and her husband Bob, who is a real estate broker.  They had put together a three day plan for us so that we could get a good idea of the areas and the prices.  They spent three solid days showing us property and answering our questions.  We had never had a Realtor show us so much interest in our requirements and spend so much time with us, assuring we left with a great understanding of the local housing market.  Both, Cheryl and Bob stayed in close contact with us over the next six months when we, again, visited Colorado and received another three days of focused searching and area elimination by this talented duo.  We left with a specific area within which we wanted to purchase.  I cannot say enough about Cheryl and Bob’s patience, knowledge and desire to meet and exceed our expectations.  These guys get it; what a pleasant change from the norm.  After returning to California, we shortly received a call from Cheryl saying she had found “our home”.  We went back to Colorado and agreed that she had, indeed, found our perfect home.  It met all of our criteria and we immediately made an offer.  This was when Cheryl truly showed her talents.  She guided us through the offer process and worked closely with the other agent to assure us that we would have a no hassle contract.  Everything quickly fell into place and within two days, we were in contract and able to return to California with a confident feeling that Cheryl would take it from here.  Through the contract period, we had a few bumps in the road from our California escrow, which Cheryl quickly remedied.  It turned out to be an extremely smooth transaction, due largely to Cheryl’s knowledge, people skills, experience and focus.  I cannot say enough about Cheryl’s professionalism and focus on representing our needs like no other agent with which we had ever worked.  I cannot think of a thing that Cheryl did not anticipate and handle before it ever became an issue.  This woman is truly a superior buyer’s agent who I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to buy a home.  Do yourself a favor and put your deal in Cheryl’s hands.  You will not regret it!.....Jim and Jan Dawson
When we first met Cheryl, we were instantly impressed with her friendly and casual demeanor.  The day before, we had been browsing The Parker Home Center’s website to get an idea of the price of homes in the Parker area.  We were “just wanting to look”, so we were very glad that we were not dealing with a “high pressure” sales person!  Cheryl really listened to our needs, and after only a couple afternoons of “just looking”, showed us the rare home that we desired but didn’t think existed!  We were amazed and thrilled!  We happened upon our dream home during a very busy and hectic time in our lives, but the time Cheryl dedicated to us, and her genuine empathy made us feel like we were her top priority. Cheryl’s knowledge and enthusiasm also helped us to quickly sell our townhome in Denver, which was not yet listed when we found our new home.  Cheryl’s expertise and lender recommendation put us at ease and made the process painless.  Now that we have moved into our new home, we are very happy to have Cheryl as our neighbor and our friend!....Stephanie and Stephen Saunders 
My father has a quality of life that far exceeds what it would have been if not for Cheryl Bustin's help.  My father is 84 years old and had done quite well for himself in life. But even though he had enough money to carry him well into his retired years, it still wasn’t enough to carry him through comfortably and worry free.  His realtor, Cheryl Bustin, listened to my father’s wants and needs and began her search for just the right home for him. Not only did she work hard to find him a quality condominium in a well maintained complex,  but also guided him to a mortgage that would free him up to have a nice home and money left over to do the extra things in life that he enjoys. After going to classes that explained the reverse mortgage process from a non biased organization Dad bought his condo with a set amount of money down and will never again have another mortgage payment.   Aside from the usuall cost of living, all he will have to pay for each month will be his association fee for the upkeep of the condo complex. Doing this has left him plenty of money to go out to eat whenever he wants to, to go on vacations and purchase things for his home that make it even more comfortable for him.  I am very happy that my father has a home that he enjoys and can afford. Cheryl has made this adventure a very pleasant experience with her fabulous personality, kind heart, commitment to excellence, hard work and attention to her client’s needs and desires. Cheryl made it possible and we are very thankful for her knowledge and dedication.  We would most certainly call on her again for any future real estate needs!....Claudia Mapes
We can't say enough about Cheryl and Bob Bustin.  Not only did they find us a beautiful home in The Pinery, they also found us a wonderful dog!  They are definitely full service realtors! We were in California while Cheryl and Bob were at our house in the Pinery letting contractors in and supervising to make sure everything looked perfect for when we arrived.  We wouldn't have been able to do it without both of them.  Buying a house in another state can be very stressful, but they made it work for us.   Not only are they great realtors, they are now our great friends!  Thanks again to Cheryl and Bob for always going above and beyond and making home buying a great experience.  Your friends, Tiffani and Dan Genovese